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Visiting Our Head Temple Taisekiji

Myosenji Members Tozan April 2014

Myosenji Temple members safely returned from Japan after attending the Airing of the Scrolls Ceremony at our Head Temple, Taisekiji, in Japan. Along with other members from twenty-three countries, Myosenji members attended ceremonies over several days, including chanting to the DaiGohonzon. Our members stayed at a lodging temple on the Taisejiki grounds, experiencing the traditional Japanese custom of sleeping on futons in tatami rooms.

In the picture above (click to enlarge), they are walking to the Kyakuden (larger temple) to chant and pray with High Priest Nichinyo Shonin. The smaller temple to the left of the Kyakuden is the Mutsubo, where members may offer Toba memorial tablets for their family ancestors.

If you’d like to learn more about Buddhism and how to become a Buddhist, join us on Sunday, April 20th, at 11:00 am for our next Introduction to Buddhism meeting. The topic will be the Buddhist concept of the Ten Worlds.

April 20 Intro