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Monthly Gosho 2024

Gosho: The individual and collective writings of Nichiren Daishonin, True Buddha and founder of Nichiren Shoshu. Goshos are generally divided into letters of personal encouragement, treatises on Buddhism and recorded oral teachings. Go is an honorific prefix and sho means writing(s).

April Gosho

The Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra
(Hokke Daimoku-sho)
January 6, 1266 (Age 45)

Coming upon this sutra is as rare as encountering the udumbara flower, which blooms only once every three-thousand years, or a one-eyed turtle finding [a floating sandalwood log] which only happens once in countless aeons. To encounter the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra is more difficult than placing a needle on the ground and throwing a poppy seed from the palace of the great King Bonten so that it is pierced by the tip of the needle. [Imagine] sticking a needle in this world’s Mount Sumeru and, on a day with strong wind gusts, casting a thread from another world’s Mount Sumeru so that it reaches the other mountain and passes through the eye of the needle. It is more difficult to encounter the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra than to thread the needle in this way. Thus, you should be aware [of how extraordinary it is] to be able to chant the Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra. (Gosho p. 355 / Nichiren Shoshu Monthly April 2024)

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March Gosho

Reply to Takahashi nyudo
(Takahashi-nyudo dono-gohenji)
July 12, 1275 (Age 54)

Since [the time period of] the Latter Day of the Law has begun, the Hinayana sutras, the Mahayana sutras, and the Lotus Sutra that were respectively transferred to the likes of Mahakashyapa and Ananda, Bodhisattvas Manjushri and Maitreya, Medicine King, and Avalokiteshvara are ineffective as medicine to treat the illnesses of living beings as they exist in textual form only. The people’s illnesses are too grave, and these medicines are completely inadequate. At this time, Bodhisattva Jogyo will make his advent to bestow the five characters of Myoho-Renge-Kyo upon all living beings of Jambudvipa (the entire world).
(Gosho p. 887 / Nichiren Shoshu Monthly March 2024)

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February Gosho

Letter From Sado
March 20, 1272 (Age 51)

When an evil ruler tries to destroy the true Law, and heretical priests support his efforts to do away with a person of wisdom, one who maintains the heart of the lion king will definitely attain Buddhahood. This is true of Nichiren. I say this not out of arrogance, but rather because I have a strong mind to protect the true Law that I hold so dear. Fear always arises in the hearts of arrogant people when they encounter a strong enemy. They are like the arrogant asura who shrank in terror and hid in a lotus flower in Lake Anavatapta when he was confronted by Heavenly King Taishaku. If one practices even a single character or phrase of the true Law in accordance with the time and capacity of the people, one definitely will attain Buddhahood. On the other hand, even though one masters a thousand sutras and ten thousand treatises, if the teaching does not accord with the correct time and capacity, it will never lead to enlightenment. (Gosho p. 579 / Nichiren Shoshu Monthly February 2024)

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January Gosho

Reply to Shijo Kingo
(Shijo Kingo dono-gohenji)
October 22, 1278 (Age 57)

A mighty warrior named General Li Guang, whose mother was devoured by a tiger, shot an arrow at a stone he believed was the tiger. The arrow pierced deep into the stone, up to its feathers. After he realized that it was a stone, he could not lodge another arrow into it. Later, he was called General Stone Tiger. The principle of this story can be applied to your situation. Although enemies may target you, if you uphold resolute faith in the Lotus Sutra, your great obstacles will surely vanish. With this in mind, continue to deepen your faith.
(Gosho p. 1292 / Nichiren Shoshu Monthly January 2024)

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