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The Buddha Way to Overcome Uncertainty In Today’s World

How can you doubt that they will attain the stage of enlightenment? (The Lotus Sutra) states, “After I have passed into extinction, one should accept and uphold this sutra. There is no doubt that such a person is assured to attain the Buddha way.” The same sutra states, “If one hears the Law for even a single moment, he will be able to attain perfect enlightenment.”

written by Nichiren Daishonin, 13th century Japan

People everywhere, when confronted with hardships, sorrows or difficulties, ponder over the fastest and easiest way to solve or to overcome these problems. Yet it is never simple nor easy to discover the root cause of sufferings in human life. Buddhism teaches you how to fundamentally overcome the basic universal sufferings of being born, of old age, sickness and death as well as doubts and disillusions that plague mankind.*

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*Excerpted from the Road to True Happiness.