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Feeling Gratitude During Scary Times

The most vital thing is to chant Daimoku with the correct posture, reverently looking at the Gohonzon with your eyes wide open. If your eyes wander here and there, or your body is crooked, or you hold your hands in a slipshod manner, that is proof that you are already losing the spirit of Buddhist practice.

67th High Priest Nikken Shonin

Enlightenment for oneself alone is not the aim of the Lotus
Sutra. According to the principle of the oneness of self and others, the reason each individual is able to exist at the present moment is due to the many influences of others. We are able to exist only because of connections to others: to parents and ancestors, teachers, friends, neighbors, society, the nation and the environment. In fact, we owe our existence to everything, both the tangible and the intangible. One who is awakened to this feels gratitude for all living beings, and to all existence.

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