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Reinvent Yourself As a Buddhist In 2016

Buddhist Temple New Years Day 2016

Sun, Jan 3rd at 2:00 pm Introduction meeting: What is the Buddhist Concept of Karma?

Looking to open a new door in your life? There are many things in life that entice us and entertain us. If we focus on these distractions and our daily lives are swept away by such enticements, we ultimately will waste our lives and live in vain.* Use this New Year’s time to reinvent yourself by practicing Buddhism.

New Year’s Day marks the first day, the first month, the beginning of the year and the start of spring. A person who celebrates this day will gain virtue and be loved by all, just as the moon becomes full gradually, moving from west to east, and the sun shines more brightly traveling from east to west. (Nichiren Daishonin, 13th century Japan)

For Buddhists, making determinations and chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo indicates the significance of New Year’s Day. Even though one may be dressed in beautiful clothes and filled with determination for the new year, without chanting, determinations will be short-lived and self-centered. When the festivities are over, one simply returns to a world of delusion and old problems.

If you are ready to open the way to your happiness, visit Myosenji Temple this Sunday, January 3rd at 2:00 pm and kickoff 2016 in a very special way.


Excerpted: January, 2015 Oko lecture, Chief Priest Rev Murata.