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Nepal: How Do Buddhists Pray For the Deceased?

What do Buddhists do for the Deceased?

Nichiren Shoshu believers offer Toba memorial tablets for the benefit of the deceased. The word “Toba” is Japanese for the word stupa in Sanskrit. The original form of a stupa in ancient India was that of a burial mound. Many different forms of stupas developed over the years in both India and China. The five-story pagoda is one of the most commonly known forms of a stupa. Read more about the Toba tablet

The following passage* appears in the Gosho: “On the Enlightenment of Plants and Trees”

When our fellow human beings pass on, it is essential to perform a Toba service. By doing so, the deceased will attain enlightenment as well as plants and trees.

Memorial services and prayers are very important in Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism. In addition to the Toba tablet, members can request the Memorial Service (Tsuizen Kuyo Ceremony*).


Myosenji Temple members are sending prayers and offering Toba memorial tablets to the victims of the ‪Nepal Earthquake‬. We are keeping Nepal and our Nepalese fellow Nichiren Shoshu members in our thoughts and prayers.

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Reference: Nichiren Shoshu Ceremonies, pp.72-79.