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The Lotus Flower & Your Karma


When we chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo we join our hands in prayer. Nichiren Shoshu describes the meaning of joining our hands in prayer in the following way:

Our whole-hearted faith is represented by the eight petals of the lotus flower. This is also called the “lotus of the heart” or the “white lotus” and it depicts our Buddha nature. In joining our hands in prayer, the eight petals are represented by our eight fingers, and the remaining two thumbs symbolize the father and the mother or the principles of “reality and wisdom” and “practicing for spiritual stability and wisdom.” It has been said that the ten digits portray the concept of three-thousand realms inherent in the ten worlds, and joining the fingers and palms signifies the mutual possession of the ten worlds. Bringing the joined hands in front of the chest represents the white lotus of our hearts (our faith). (excerpted from Basics of Practice book, p.52)

When we chant we can fuse our lives with the life of the Buddha. While in this state of fusion, the powers of the Buddha and the Law permeate our existence, purifying our minds, extinguishing our evil karma and planting seeds of wisdom, compassion and virtue in our lives. This is how you change your karma.

The Lotus Flower & Karma

Visit Myosenji Temple this Sunday, April 26th to learn how you create and change your karma and why the lotus flower represents the simultaneity of cause and effect. Our Chief Priest will give the lecture, What is Karma? The meeting begins at 2:00 pm.

Call or email the Temple if you have questions.