Karma: Where Do Causes of our Unhappiness Come From? | Myosenji Buddhist Temple
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Karma: Where Do Causes of our Unhappiness Come From?

Karma July 21 2013 Intro meeting copy
Where do causes of our unhappiness come from? Unhappiness begins with illusion, which is based on earthly desire. Through the thoughts and actions that result  from illusion, we create karma, and as a result of that karma, we experience suffering. The twelve-linked chain of causation is an explanation of how this three-tiered causal relationship (illusion, karma and suffering) applies to the reality of our lives.

In other words, the twelve-linked chain of causation is an observation. It is an awakening to the fact that the fundamental cause of suffering is ignorance and, that with the eradication of ignorance, suffering will also be eradicated.*

Join us Sunday, July 21st for our “What is Karma?” Introduction to Buddhism meeting.


* For an indepth lecture about karma (advanced Buddhist study), visit our Nichiren Shoshu Temple (NST) web site.