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Karma: Pay As You Go?

Jan 26 post

In pop culture today, the word “Karma” is invoked frequently to refer to all kinds of things — including a mobile Wi-Fi provider! But the reality is, most people have an overly simplistic understanding of karma. The true nature of the Buddhist concept of karma is deeply profound.

“…Based on the Law of cause and effect, the karma that one has created in one’s life reveals itself through various potentialities and conditions, such as  sickness, accidents, and other phenomena. Undoubtedly, life is burdened with the heaviness of karma from the past to the present and from the present into the future. Various causes are made as one lives out one’s life. In other words, we are born with the accumulation of karma that we have created since the infinite past…” (excerpted from The Doctrines and Practices of Nichiren Shoshu, p. 326)

What is Karma?

If you are interested in learning the true meaning of Karma and how it impacts your daily life, join us on Sunday, January 26th at 11 am for a lecture, What is Karma, given by our Chief Priest, Rev. Murata. Please call or email the Temple if you have any questions.