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Buddhist Symbols: The Chinese Phoenix


In 2014, new members at Myosenji Temple will be making the pilgrimage to the Head Temple Taisekiji. The buildings on the grounds of the Head Temple are decorated with abundant traditional symbols of Buddhism. The picture above shows two prominent symbols they will be seeing. Click on the photo to enlarge.

The Wheel of the Law (Dharma)

The teachings of a Buddha are called the Dharma or Law because his enlightened words reveal his wisdom which is one with the essence of all life and nature.

The Chinese Phoenix (Fenghuang)

It is believed that phoenix only appear in areas or places that are blessed with utmost peace and prosperity or happiness.

Basics of Buddhism

If you would like to learn about Buddhism, join us in February for our series of Introduction to Buddhism meetings. Click on the photo below for dates and times.  Contact the Temple if you have any questions using the form below or call 301-593-9397.

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