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Do You Understand Your Karma?

Karma Aug24 Intro

We may not understand the physics of gravity but we learned, at a very young age, how it effects our life. Like gravity, KARMA impacts us every day … but maybe in ways we don’t really understand.

Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism teaches by embracing the Lotus Sutra, we can lessen and eradicate in this lifetime our heavy karma accumulated through past slanders against the Lotus Sutra. We can also lessen the retribution we would otherwise receive in future lifetimes.*

The 26th High Priest Nichikan Shonin (18th c. Japan) stated the following in his Exegesis on the “True Object of Worship:”

If one believes in this Gohonzon and chants Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo even for a brief while, no prayer will go unanswered, no sin will be unforgiven, no fortune will be unbestowed, and no truth will remain unrevealed. (Gosho mondan, p.189)**

Buddhist Concept of Karma

Our Chief Priest, Rev. Murata, will be lecturing on the Buddhist Concept of Karma this Sunday, August 24th, at 2:00 pm. Please join us to learn the true meaning of karma and how you can take control of your life.


*Excerpted from Basic Terminolgy of Nichiren Shoshu, p.73.

**Excerpted from Nichiren Shoshu Monthly magazine, August, 2014, p.9.