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Buddhism: Don’t Turn Your Back On Hardship

Head Temple Taisekiji autumn

The Kankucho bird in the Snow Mountains neglected making its nest while the sun was out. Benumbed by the warmth of the daylight, it forgot all about making preparations for the shivering winter nights. The bird ended up suffering nightly. We do not want to follow the example of this Kankucho bird.

We live our lives with the four and eight kinds of suffering. The key to overcoming this suffering is to realize that we now have the opportunity to stop the negative cycle developed from our past causes. If you turn your back on hardship and run away from it, you will be defeated by the poison within your own heart. In other words, the earthly desires in your heart are what prevent you from attaining enlightenment.*

*Excerpted from Nichiren Shoshu Monthly, August, 2014, pp.11-12.

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