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Buddhism: The Heart of the Lotus Sutra

“The pure land or hell does not exist outside one’s mind or body. It exists within one’s mind. One who is awakened to this principle is called a Buddha, whereas one who is not, is a common mortal. To understand the difference is the heart of the Lotus Sutra. Therefore, those who embrace the Lotus Sutra should realize that hell is in fact the land of tranquil light.”
Nichiren Daishonin, written in 13th century Japan


Nichiren Daishonin, the founder of Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, wrote many Gosho throughout his life. “Gosho” are the individual and collective writings of Nichiren Daishonin. They are generally divided into letters of personal encouragement, treatises on Buddhism and recorded oral teachings. Go is an honorific prefix and sho means writing(s).

Each month, the Chief Priest selects a Gosho passage to be read after morning and evening prayers (Gongyo).

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