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Buddhism: Fusion of Reality & Wisdom

The sutras preached before the Lotus Sutra separate wisdom and reality. Furthermore, since they are provisional, expedient teachings, they cannot lead to enlightenment. Now, the Lotus Sutra unites wisdom and reality, and people are able to attain enlightenment by awakening to the four forms of wisdom of the Buddha, consisting of opening the Buddha’s wisdom [in their lives]; revealing it; making all people aware of it; and enabling them to enter into it.

written by Nichiren Daishonin, 13th century Japan

Two Aspects of Reality and Wisdom

Reality is the object of perception (the object of cognition or objectivity) and wisdom refers to awareness (the mind that recognizes things or subjectivity). The fusion of reality and wisdom is a life condition in which reality and wisdom are profoundly unified. Buddhism teaches you how to acquire the Buddha’s wisdom to live a purposeful, meaningful and happy life.

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