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Why Do People Become Buddhists?


There are two ultimate purposes for taking faith in Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism. One is to realize an absolutely unshakable state of happiness in which there is boundless joy in being alive (attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime). The other is to realize an ideal society in which people can enjoy happy lives together based on true Buddhism.

“Attaining Buddhahood in this lifetime” does not mean changing your human form. Nor does it mean becoming a Buddha when you die, a mistaken view commonly held in other Buddhist denominations. Rather, it means achieving, in this lifetime and in our present form, the greatest potential life condition.  The highest life condition is called “The Buddha,” “Buddhahood,” or “the Buddha nature.” Another name for it is “Myoho-Renge-Kyo.”

Just as a single drop of water is included within a great ocean, a person who has established an absolutely happy life condition through embracing true Buddhism will definitely be able to resolve flaws in his or her character, and overcome sickness, poverty, or family problems.  We need not be joyful one moment and depressed the next because of the ups and downs of life. Even small prayers will be answered without fail.

Join us on Saturday, June 15th, at 2:00 p.m. to learn more about why people become Buddhists today.


Excerpted from Nichiren Shoshu Basics of Practice, pages 4-6.