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Thinking the Wrong Way About Your Life

Feb22 Intro Karma

Buddhism teaches that we are governed by the Law of Causality. The true reason we suffer is because we ourselves have made the cause to suffer. We do not suffer because an outside force or power has somehow determined that we should. And we do not suffer because of chance or coincidence.

High Priest Nichinyo Shonin discussed a key point of this Law of Causality:

“When we talk about ‘the causes that existed in the past,’ this naturally includes the causes made in the recent past, in our present existence. For example, the minute that just passed is also considered the past. Moreover, the past also includes our distant, previous existences. The causes made in our various past existences thus create the present effects in our lives.” (NSM 11/06 – p. 4)

This seems very clear and straightforward, but it also makes us ask another important question:

“Why do we keep making negative causes which result in continued suffering and unhappiness?”

What is Karma?

Understanding the concept of Karma is basic to understanding Buddhist teachings. This Sunday, February 22nd at 2:00 pm, our Chief Priest Rev Murata will lecture on Karma and answer the above question.

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Excerpted from Chief Priest Rev Murata’s Oko lecture, May 11, 2014.