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The Three Buddhist Truths

April13 blog
In the Gosho, “On the Ten Factors,” Nichiren Daishonin teaches that the three truths are the core of Buddhism. He states:

It is said that there are over eighty thousand Buddhist teachings. They are all contained in the law of the three truths, and no doctrine exists outside of the three truths. (Gosho, p.104)

Three Truths of Emptiness, Temporary Existence, and Middle Way

There are the three aspects representing the truth of the ultimate reality as expounded by Tiantai:

  • The truth of emptiness is the view that all existence is constantly changing and has no absolute, fixed substance.
  • The truth of temporary existence is the view that even though all existence has no immutable substance, it does exist temporarily through causal relations.
  • The truth of the middle way is the absolute truth in which the concepts of truths of emptiness and temporary existence are simultaneously both affirmed and denied. Thus, existence cannot be viewed solely through the truth of emptiness or the truth of temporary existence.

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Reference: Basic Terminology of Nichiren Shoshu, page 159.