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Polar Vortex, Cherry Blossoms, Myosenji Buddhist Temple

Washington_C_D.C._Tidal_Basin_cherry_treesWeather-wise, in the Washington, DC area, the month of March is always full of surprises. One day we’re in a Polar Vortex and the next day we can be watching the cherry trees bud. March is a dynamic and active month, especially for Myosenji Buddhist Temple. Here are the highlights:

Members (only) Study Meeting and Lecture with Chief Priest

Sunday, March 2nd following Gongyo/Morning prayers (sutra recitation)

Oko Ceremony – Chief Priest Sermon

Sunday, March 9th following Gongyo/Morning prayers (daylight savings begins)

Higan-e Memorial Ceremony – Spring Equinox

Sunday, March 16th – members please submit your Toba tablet requests to Rev. Hori by March 9th.

Introduction to Buddhism Meeting Series (Visit our Temple)

  • 2pm Sat, March 8th: What is Buddhism? Brief History and Lecture
  • 2pm Sun, March 16th: Buddhist Concept of the Ten Worlds
  • 11am Sun, March 23rd: What is Karma?
  • 11am Sun, March 30th: Buddhist Concept of the Nine Consciousnesses – NEW

April Tozan Orientation (for members going on the upcoming pilgrimage to Head Temple Taisekiji)

Sunday, March 16th, for those members who are scheduled to go on the April Tozan, there will be an Orientation meeting with the Chief Priest.

GUESTS please call or email the Temple if you have any questions about our meetings or Temple activities. The Temple is open everyday. Visit us!