New Year. New Beginnings. Embrace Buddhism. | Myosenji Buddhist Temple
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New Year. New Beginnings.

This time of year we become reflective of the past year and look forward to the new year. Make your new beginnings meaningful and deeply felt by embracing Buddhism. Buddhism teaches you how to make the right causes to achieve the best effects for your life.

New Year’s Introductory Lecture: Transform Suffering into Peace and Happiness

Visit our Temple (In-Person or Online) this MONDAY January 1, 2024, for a brief lecture by our Chief Priest, Rev Sakabe.


The meeting starts at 2:00 pm and concludes around 3:15 pm. (IN-PERSON or ONLINE)

If you have decided to become a Buddhist or are interested in learning how to become a Buddhist, after Sunday’s meeting (about 3:30 pm) Rev Sakabe will be performing the Acceptance of the Precept Ceremony, the ceremony where you become a Buddhist.