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Myosenji Temple March Schedule

March Activities

March is a busy month at Myosenji Temple. Remember Daylight Savings Time this weekend — move your clocks forward Saturday night so you won’t miss Rev. Murata’s Oko lecture Sunday morning! This Sunday there will be a New Member meeting at 2:00 pm.

Tomorrow, Saturday, March 9th, we will have the second meeting of our Introduction to Buddhism series, What is Buddhism – Brief History. The meeting begins at 2:00 pm and concludes at 3:00 pm. Rev. Murata will be conducting Gojukai, the Acceptance of the Precepts ceremony to become a Buddhist immediately following the meeting.

Sunday, March 17th, Rev. Murata will conduct the Higan-e Ceremony, a very significant memorial ceremony for the deceased at the time of the Spring and Fall equinox. It is conducted only twice a year at Nichiren Shoshu Temples, in March and September. Members offer Toba tablets for their deceased ancestors, friends and family.   Also, on the 17th there will be an Introduction meeting and a Children’s activity.

Several of our members will be attending the April Tozan in Japan. There will be an orientation meeting to prepare for their pilgrimage to the Head  Temple on Sunday, March 24th.

March is a long month! The last Sunday we will march out of March with an Introduction to Buddhism meeting about the Buddhist concept of the Ten Worlds. The meeting will begin right after morning prayers, Morning Gongyo about 11:00 am.

Finally, for new members and guests who are learning to chant and recite the Sutra (Gongyo), every weekday evening, our Chief Priest or Assistant Priest leads chanting at 7:00 pm and Gongyo at 8:00 pm.  On Saturdays at 4:00 pm, Rev. Murata does slow recitation of the Sutra. This is especially helpful for people wanting to learn how to recite the Sutra and learn proper pronunciation.

See you at the Temple!