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My Daily Buddhist Practice: Waking Up Happy

Mornings used to be hectic times leaving me exhausted by 9am.My daily to-do list quickly came crushing down putting me in a pessimistic frame of mind.

This is one reason I started my Buddhist practice of chanting and sutra recitation. I can wake up happy and face the day in a calm, meaningful way. I now avoid getting flustered, annoyed or angry before the day even begins.

Taking the time to making offerings to the Buddha, to focus, to self-reflect, to think of others and to pray for those who have passed away, anchors my day in reality with a sense of appreciation and starts my day on a happy note.

To start your Buddhist practice, you can chant with our Chief Priest using the video below. Start chanting 5-10 minutes in the morning and 5-10 minutes at night. Visit our Buddhist Temple for our Introductory Series and learn more.

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My Buddhist Daily Practice is a new contributory blog written by Myosenji Temple Buddhists. We hope to post regularly about our experiences with our daily practice of Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism.