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Flying To Japan Today for Special Ceremony

Meido 2012

A group of Myosenji Temple members are on their way to Taisekiji, Head Temple of Nichiren Shoshu in Japan, for the Commemorative Ceremony celebrating the completion of the major renovation of the Image Hall (Mieido).

Excerpt from December 10, 2007 Guidance from 68th High Priest Nichinyo Shonin

The Mieido was first built in the second year of Taiei (1522) by the Twelfth High Priest, Nitchin Shonin. The current building is a reconstruction built in the ninth year of Kanei (1632) during the time of Seventeenth High Priest Nissei Shonin. It was constructed with the offerings from Kyodai-in-den, wife of Hachisuka Yoshishige, the lord of Awa Tokushima Castle, during the year when the memorial ceremonies were held for the 300th anniversaries of the passing of Nikko Shonin and Nichimoku Shonin.

Since then, over the next three hundred and seventy years or so, it has been renovated about four times. The Mieido, however, is damaged and in very bad condition. If we leave it in its present state, it will not be able to withstand the impact of future anticipated earthquakes. The Mieido is a building of historic value for Nichiren Shoshu and is also designated as a Prefectural Tangible Cultural Asset of Shizuoka Prefecture. Therefore, it is important to urgently address this issue, and we have designated the reconstruction of the Mieido as one of the commemorative projects for the 750th Anniversary of Revealing the Truth and Upholding Justice through the Submission of the Rissho ankoku-ron.

The reconstruction of the Mieido will require a great deal of effort. The structure will be dismantled and rebuilt, and in order to make sure that construction goes smoothly, it will take at least 6 years to finish.

On April 10, 2012, the framework-raising ceremony for the Mieido was conducted. This week, along with Nichiren Shoshu members from around the world, Myosenji Temple members will be participating in the re-opening ceremonies for this beautiful and historic temple.

Mieido framing 2012 120410-2