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Do Countries Have Karma?

JapanJune 2015

Have you ever wondered …

Why was I born into my family, with my parents?

Do families have shared karma?

Do countries/nations have karma?

Karma and Destiny

Buddhism teaches that all human suffering or pleasure is based on a realistic law of cause and effect, and is determined by
each individual’s karma. This view of karma is different from the theory of destiny or fate. The reason for this is that karma is the causal actions through which we receive our resulting fortune. Likewise, we are freely able to change our future lives through our causal actions in this lifetime. For this reason, the view of karma is totally different, both from the view which posits that our lives are determined by an absolute being like a god, and from the theory of destiny, which expounds that life is just coincidental.*

Lecture on Karma – Sunday

Visit Myosenji Temple this Sunday, June 28th, to hear our Chief Priest, Rev Murata, lecture on Karma. He will explain the differences between common Karma, individual Karma and why we must change our Karma from past lifetimes to construct happy lives both in this existence and life to come. The meeting begins at 2:00 pm and conclude around 3:15 pm.

*Excerpted: Concerning Karma, Lectures on Basic Study Materials.