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Comparing Buddhism With Other Religions

Myosenji Temple New Members

Before we encountered true Buddhism, we may never have considered the importance of choosing the correct religion, and we probably had never believed that this choice would have a crucial influence on our happiness or unhappiness in life.

This Sunday, June 15th, at 2:00 pm there will be a New Members study meeting with Chief Priest Rev. Murata. We will begin studying Chapter 9, Provisional Religions in the Nichiren Shoshu Basics of Practice book:

  • Why is Nichiren Shoshu the Correct Faith?
  • Comparing Buddhism to Other Religions
  • Comparing the Buddhist Sutras with One Another
  • Determining the Buddhist Law Appropriate to Mappo
  • Comparing Nichiren Shoshu with Other Nichiren Sects
  • The Negative Influence of False Religions

All new Myosenji members are encouraged to attend. Bring your questions for Rev. Murata!

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