Praying for Your Deceased Relatives and Ancestors As A Buddhist | Myosenji Buddhist Temple
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Praying For Your Ancestors


At Myosenji Temple, members offer incense at the memorial altar when requesting a Toba Memorial tablet for their deceased family members and friends. An important part of our Buddhist practice is to offer prayers for the enlightenment of the deceased.

When our Chief Priest prepares the memorial altar, a candle is lit and an incense charcoal is lit and placed in the powdered incense burner at the front of the altar. An open container of incense powder is placed next to the burner.

Upcoming Temple Guest and Member Activities

Sunday, January 18th

2pm Introductory Meeting: Buddhist Concept of the Ten Worlds

Monthly Memorial Ceremony 10:00 am

New Members’ Meeting with Chief Priest 11:00 am

Reference: Basics of Practice, pages 109 – 113.