Buddhist OKO Ceremony During COVID-19 | Myosenji Buddhist Temple
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Buddhist OKO Ceremony During COVID-19

This past Sunday over 150 Myosenji Buddhists participated in our monthly OKO Ceremony. In spite of COVID-19’s restrictions, members were able to chant with the Chief Priest, observe the Kenzen offerings, do morning Gongyo (sutra recitation) and watch Rev Sakabe’s OKO lecture. All from the safety of their home.

We feel great appreciation and gratitude to our Chief Priest for performing this most important monthly ceremony and lecture via our Live Stream. During this pandemic, while our Temple is closed, Myosenji Buddhists are able to do daily Gongyo and chanting with the Chief Priest. Members submit their questions about Buddhism or their Buddhist practice and each evening after Gongyo, Rev Sakabe answers at least one question. It is a wonderful lifeline to stay connected with the Temple, our Chief Priest and deepen our Buddhist faith while practicing at home, alone or with our families.