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Buddhism: The Four Noble Worlds

The Ten Worlds are ten life-conditions in which a single entity of life manifests. They are potential conditions of life inherent in each individual.

The six states from Hell through Heaven are called the six lower paths.  The majority of people spend most of their time transmigrating, or moving back and forth among the six paths.  In these states one is governed totally by his reactions to external influences and is therefore extremely vulnerable to changing circumstances.

Those states in which one transcends the uncertainty of the six paths are called the four noble worlds – learning, realization, Bodhisattva and Buddhahood.

The state of Buddhahood is a condition of perfect and absolute freedom, in which one enjoys boundless wisdom and compassion, and is filled with the courage and power to surmount all hardships.  A Buddha understands all phenomena and realizes the Middle Way.

Register Today Online & In-Person Introductory Lecture: The Four Noble Worlds

Sunday, November 20th, Myosenji Temple will host a brief lecture on the Ten Worlds by our Chief Priest, Rev Sakabe. He will explain how to awaken your Buddha nature, transcend the six lower paths.

  • Learn how to chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and properly use the Juzu Beads, Buddhist prayer beads.
  • Q&A with our Chief Priest.
  • The meeting starts at 2:00 pm and concludes around 3:15 pm. Open to the public.
  • 310 University Blvd West, Silver Spring, MD 20901

If you have decided to become a Buddhist or are interested in learning how to become a Buddhist, after Saturday’s meeting (about 3:30 pm) Rev Sakabe will be performing the Acceptance of the Precept Ceremony, the ceremony where you become a Buddhist.