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Buddhism: Love, Karma & Relationships

The Lotus Sutra is like:*
A clear, cool pond satisfying those who are thirsty
A fire for one who is cold
A robe for one who is bare
A group of merchants finding a leader
A child finding her mother
Someone finding a ship in which to cross the water
A sick man finding a physician
Someone in the darkness finding a lamp
A poor person finding riches
The people finding a ruler
An export trader finding his way to the sea
A torch that illuminates the darkness

In the same way, the Lotus Sutra can enable all people to be free from discomfort, illness, and pain. It can break the chains of birth and death.

Love, Karma and Relationships

Today is Valentine’s Day in the United States. It is a festival of love and gift-giving. In Buddhism, love, relationships and Karma are deeply connected. Having meaningful social relationships is part of your happiness. Buddhism explains how to live a happy life with others. Visit our Buddhist Temple this Sunday, February 18th, for a brief lecture on Karma and how you can change your relationship karma.

* Excerpted from The Ten Comparisons and Twelve Similes lecture by High Priest Nichinyo Shonin, December 4, 2011.