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Buddhism: Joining the Hands in Prayer


Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism describes the meaning of joining our hands in prayer in the following way:

Our whole-hearted determination is represented by the eight petals of the lotus flower. This is also called the “lotus of the heart” or the “white lotus,” and it depicts our Buddha nature. In joining our hands in prayer, the eight petals are represented by our eight fingers, and the remaining two thumbs symbolize the father and the mother or the principles of “reality and wisdom” and “practicing for spiritual stability and wisdom.”

You can learn more about why we use Buddhist prayer beads, called Juzu, here.

Visit Myosenji Buddhist Temple

At our Introduction meetings, our Chief Priest teaches guests how to chant and use the Juzu beads. Join us this Saturday, July 11th at 2pm for our next Introduction meeting. The topic will be What is Buddhism? Who is Buddha? a brief history. Please email or call the Temple if you have questions.


* Excerpted from Nichiren Shoshu Monthly – December 1999, p. 15.