Buddhism: Embracing the Journey of Transformation, Beyond Relaxation
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Buddhism: Embracing the Journey of Transformation, Beyond Relaxation

Human suffering lies at the origin of the teachings of the Buddha. That is, as viewed by the Buddha, we are tormented within our lives by the four sufferings of birth, aging, sickness, and death and further by a multitude of other sufferings, such as the suffering of being separated from those whom we love, the suffering of not receiving what we seek, the suffering of meeting with those whom we despise, and the sufferings arising from the five components. The cause of those sufferings is that we try to obtain enjoyment according to self-centered erroneous desires, since we are unable to enter into the correct path of joy and suffering.

The Buddha preached a variety of teachings with great compassion. There are many paths taught in the teaching of Buddhism: to resolve suffering by the wisdom that we innately possess, or to transcend all suffering through genuine calming of the mind (which is known as meditation), or to accumulate true virtue by correctly making one’s way along the path of good and evil and making the virtue one gains by upholding the precepts a part of one’s life.*


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*Excerpted: Sermons 1992-2002 by 67th High Priest Nikken Shonin, Pioneer the True Path of the Buddha.