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Buddhism and World of Anger

Greed, anger and stupidity are considered to be the fundamental forms of the earthly desires of humans.

According to a writing called The Principles of Mahayana (Daijo gi sho), all earthly desires are contained in greed, anger and stupidity, and their capacity to harm people is like that of a poisonous snake or dragon. The text reveals that, for this reason, these three earthly desires have been called the three poisons. The toxicity of these poisons is extraordinary. It not only harms one person but also brings harm to those in one’s environment. [excerpted from “Leaving Anger Behind” p.16-17, Nichiren Shoshu Monthly, July, 2013]

On Sunday, August 25th, our Chief Priest, Rev. Murata, will lecture on the Buddhist concept of the Ten Worlds and discuss how Buddhism explains earthly desires and how you can use your desires to achieve Buddhahood. The meeting begins at 11 am and concludes about 12 noon. Join us!