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Buddhism: Honesty in a World of Fake News

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“…the Lotus Sutra represents the doctrine of honestly discarding the provisional teachings; of entirely expounding the truth; of being honest and upright and gentle in mind; and of being gentle, peaceful, and upright. Honesty, for those who believe in this sutra, must be like a straight and taut string on a bow and an inking cord that strikes a precise line.”

written by Nichiren Daishonin in 13th century Japan

The fundamental basis of true Buddhism always has been honesty. When we contemplate the meaning of honesty, we often think of the common-sense notions of not telling lies and not being deceitful. However, the most important issue is the object toward which we are honest.

Frequently we hear the expression, “Be true to your heart.” However, if people honestly followed their own confused hearts and minds, then children definitely would prioritize play over study, and adults would work obsessively to satisfy their many aspirations and desires. Under such conditions, our lives could become increasingly unhappy.

This is the reason why the Buddha, who is enlightened to the truth, expounded the honest teaching, in order to correct the distorted hearts and minds of the people. The correct attitude in faith that we must uphold is embracing and practicing this true teaching, as we maintain a mind that is completely free of lies and deceit.

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This Saturday, January 7th, we will host an introduction meeting with a brief video presentation and lecture on Buddhism’s beliefs by our Chief Priest, Rev. Sakabe.

  • Learn how to chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and properly use the Juzu Beads, Buddhist prayer beads.
  • Q&A with our Chief Priest.
  • The meeting starts at 2:00 pm and concludes around 3:15 pm. Open to the public.

If you have decided to become a Buddhist or are interested in learning how to become a Buddhist, after Saturday’s meeting (about 3:30 pm) Rev Sakabe will be performing the Acceptance of the Precept Ceremony, the ceremony where you become a Buddhist.

Excerpted: Honesty in Our Faith and Practice, May 2012 Oko Lecture